Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Today, we bring you the Samsung GALAXY Note3 and Samsung GALAXY Note2 comparison chart reward. If you want to be little bit alert with the new features that Samsung has added on to its modern version of the Samsung Galaxy Note Family, You may have to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with previous Versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note, because it still afford great prosperity of remarkable specification. You also go after and get your hands on the Samsung New Galaxy Note 3 here in U.A.E sometime this October.


Samsung GALAXY Note3 and Samsung Galaxy Note2 product parameters and features


Compared to the previous generation Galaxy Note 2, in addition to the screen becomes larger, we can see the Galaxy Note 3 body without the previous generation so mellow, Home button has also been reduced.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 main screen material is Full HD super AMOLED relating Touch Screen, while, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 main screen material is HD super AMOLED relating Touch Screen. Galaxy Note 3 main screen resolution is 1080×1920 Pixels (1080p) as compare to Galaxy Note 2 main screen resolution which is 720×1280 pixels (720p). Also, Screen size of Samsung Galaxy note 3 is only a little bit higher than the Samsung Galaxy note 2, the width of the two machines, but almost the same. Galaxy Note 3 screen size is 5.7 inches but Galaxy Note 2 screen size is 5.5 inches.



Modeling, Samsung Galaxy note 3 still took the usual “sanitary napkin” design, but its curvature is smaller, seemed to take it much more comfortable than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 usually graphic form was planned to express an additional quality, “High Value-Premium” look in comparison to previous Samsung devices as Galaxy Note 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera is 13- Megapixel rear facing Camera ability of filming Videos in 1080p (1080 x 1920 Pixels); as make a comparison with Galaxy Note 2, Note 2 Camera is 8- Megapixel and 1.9 MP front camera with rear facing Camera ability of filming Videos in 720p (720 x 1280 Pixels)

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