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    Noman Ahmed

    Allah has send a month and in this month we can maintain ourself for the rest of the year. Allah has design every thing very uniquely it justs we are who wants to see that path.

  2. 2

    Shah Sahab

    There will be fun in this ramadan because I will be doing many things in this ramadan for myself and for my family. I will going to enjoy this ramadan very much insha Allah.

  3. 3

    Mujtaba Pervaiz

    Please do some good work in this month as this the holy month of Ramadan and Allah has send us a gift in a year for us.

  4. 4

    Owais khan

    Ramazan means lots of food and unique dishes to have. All the members of the family sit together and enjoy and wakr up early and eat together in the morning.

  5. 5

    Azeem sulthan

    Kindly mention which part of UAE you have given the timing for, Or else it will mislead. Kindly give me ramadan calender for Dubai year 2015.

  6. 6

    Ali Karim Pukhraj

    Ramadan is holy month and in this month we enjoy a lot and a large gathering of people you would see in it.

  7. 7

    Al hadi

    May Allah show all its kindness on us we are having so many sins and Allah is the one who knows every thing but still give us a choice to make them correct.

  8. 8

    Rafiq R Ali

    There would be some amazing kind of pakages companies would be offereing us in the resturants and this is the best part of ramadan

  9. 9

    Ijlal Ud Din

    Holy month has to be treated very well so every one decide something for this holy month and do do that because it comes once in a year

  10. 10

    Emmanuel Konyi

    it is nice to see such information on one page. Tell me about that when the traveeh timing and in how many places we can perform taraveeh tell me the taraveeh timing according to different places in uae

  11. 11

    Mohamed Mahrous

    Eid Al Fitr three days holiday is coming in uae?? or following are the details of Dubai.. well tell me a lis about the the Muslim festivals in these thats in Dubai

  12. 12

    Magde Aldod

    At the aftar time while fasting things you should avoid to eat is the juice because you need to drink pure water that is good for your health but not too much so far.

  13. 13

    Saad Alahaalm

    well that is nice to see on a single page all the things.. Now 9 days remaining and than there is Eid in Dubai


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